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Past Incidents

Thursday 14th October 2021

No incidents reported

Wednesday 13th October 2021

Metrics / AccessLogs Metrics / Access logs queries unavailability

The Metrics / Access logs platform is currently having issues, queries are returning errors. We are investigating.

EDIT 15:07 UTC: The problem has been identified and fixed. Queries should now be back, current data lag is 1 hour and 30 minutes. It should quickly come down in the next hour.

EDIT 17:58 UTC: Ingestion lag is now resolved

Experiencing networking problem on our OVH-based infrastructure

We are experiencing networking issues with our OVH-based infrastructure, we are looking for more information from OVH.

The website is unreachable preventing us from getting a status on the maintenance where "No impact" was expected.

09:55 UTC+2: We still have no update from OVH.

10:01 UTC+2:

10:20 UTC+2: Our Montreal zone is reachable, others zones might come back soon.

All our zones are now reachable, you might still experience DNS issues or other issues due to the OVH incident it self.

Tuesday 12th October 2021

No incidents reported

Monday 11th October 2021

Cellar Certificate Issue with rbx-hds cellar

There is an issue with the certificate associated with the cellar of our hds zone, we are investigating.

12:58 UTC: The issue is resolved.

Here is what we know so far:

The revocation server of the Certification Authority providing this certificate says that this certificate has been revoked on 2021-06-23, except it was still accepted just fine a few hours ago.

We have asked for a reissue of the certificate (this is an automatic operation). The reissued certificate has been installed and is working fine. Meanwhile, we have asked the CA about this revocation without any warning or notice and are waiting for an answer.

Sunday 10th October 2021

No incidents reported

Saturday 9th October 2021

No incidents reported

Friday 8th October 2021

No incidents reported