Friday 24th August 2018

Deployments interruption during 30 minutes, scheduled 3 years ago

Deployments will be interrupted during 30 minutes at 12:30 UTC+2 today. A core component upgrade will be performed. This will not impact already running applications or add-ons. All deployments will be queued and executed at the end of the maintenance.

The maintenance shouldn't last longer than 30 minutes but it may be possible that some delays occur. We will update this ticket to let you know about the status of the maintenance.

EDIT 12:25 UTC+2: New deployments are stopped to be consumed.

EDIT 12:30 UTC+2: The maintenance has started

EDIT 12:56 UTC+2: Deployments are back since ~10 minutes. We are still cleaning things up

EDIT 13:03 UTC+2: Maintenance is over and was successful. Do not hesitate to contact us if anything's wrong on your side.