Tuesday 30th October 2018

Infrastructure Hypervisor unreachable

A hypervisor is unreachable.

Affected applications are being restarted automatically.

Affected addons are unreachable.

EDIT 17:56 UTC: Looks like it's a network issue, we are awaiting word from our provider.

EDIT 18:08 UTC: Our provider tells us they are working on it, no ETA nor details given.

EDIT 18:26 UTC: There was a short electrical outage in the datacenter where this server is, some routers and switches have been impacted by the switch to the backup power source. They are working on fixing affected network hardware.

EDIT 18:44 UTC: The server is back, addons should be reachable. We are making sure that everything is back online.

EDIT 18:56 UTC: Everything is working fine. Incident closed.