Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Cellar Important error rates on Cellar

We are recording important error rates on Cellar between 500 and 503 errors.

EDIT 09:41 UTC: 503 errors are now gone but were replaced by 500 errors that get triggered after a few seconds. We are checking the cluster's state

EDIT 10:10 UTC: Error rate is decreasing but continue to be important. Deployments are also impacted by this issue if you are using build cache.

EDIT 10:27 UTC: Error rate is still at ~20% and continue to decrease.

EDIT 11:52 UTC: We did not receive any errors since 11:40 UTC, the cluster is now in good shape and everything should be back to normal.

This cellar cluster will soon be deprecated (new cellar add-ons are already created on an up-to-date cluster) in favor of a better and maintained version.