Thursday 9th May 2019

MySQL shared cluster [MySQL] Shared cluster is under high load

One of our MySQL shared cluster is under high load. We are investigating.

EDIT 16:20 UTC: Problematic queries have been killed and the cluster load is going down. We continue to monitor the situation but it should go back to normal. We also have a newer MySQL shared cluster on MySQL version 8. You can migrate your database to it using the "Migrate" tool.

EDIT 16:45 UTC: The performance issue is back, we are trying to narrow down the issue

EDIT 17:00 UTC: Performances are again back to normal. We will keep an eye on it. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to migrate to our new cluster to avoid this issue.

EDIT 10/05/19 08:10 UTC: The issue has come back.

EDIT 10/05/19 12:00 UTC: Owners of the potential abusive queries have been notified. Cluster performances are back to normal. As usual, we will keep an eye on it.