Friday 28th June 2019

Infrastructure Network loss on some servers on one of our datacenters

We are suffering network loss on some of our servers in one of our datacenters. We are currently aware of the root cause and working on it.

EDIT 22:49 UTC: Our API is also down for now, that's expected. The console is therefore down too. Clients websites remain accessible.

EDIT 23:11 UTC: Network came back 5 minutes ago, we are currently checking if everything is ok

EDIT 23:26 UTC: Applications with fs-bucket (including PHP applications) may have issues loading because their connection to the fs-bucket server, if this server was on the datacenter who lost the connection.

EDIT 00:26 UTC: Applications with fs-buckets are currently redeploying. Most of them successfully reconnected (sometimes after several minutes) to their bucket server. The incident is over.