Tuesday 16th July 2019

Network Maintenance, scheduled 2 years ago

An exceptional Network Maintenance is planned today at 20:00 UTC. Network interruptions are expected to happen from time to time during a few hours. They shouldn't last long. All applications will be redeployed on non-impacted servers, some add-ons will be unreachable at some point. Unfortunately, we couldn't postpone it due to calendar issues. Do not hesitate to ping us on the support if you have any questions.

EDIT 20:03 UTC: The maintenance should start shortly. We will keep you updated on its progress.

EDIT 20:53 UTC: The maintenance is still ongoing. Nothing unusual to report as of now

EDIT 21:20 UTC: Everything is going smoothly as seen in our tests. Nothing unusual to report as of now

EDIT 21:42 UTC: The maintenance is over. No network interruptions have been noticed by our monitoring systems. Everything is back to normal.