Monday 12th June 2017

Infrastructure [Europe] One hypervisor unreachable

One hypervisor went down, affected applications are being automatically redeployed. Addons on this hypervisor are unreachable (~2% of dedicated addons in the Europe zone).

We are awaiting news from our provider.

EDIT 15:30 UTC: We are still awaiting a manual operation from our provider

EDIT 15:37 UTC: They have rebooted the server manually but "observed an error" and are "analyzing" the issue

EDIT 16:04 UTC: The power supply is out of order and is being replaced

EDIT 16:55 UTC: The operation is over, the server just rebooted and will now start recovering / cleaning up after the forced reboot. Databases will be coming back online automatically.

EDIT 17:50 UTC: Most databases are available since 17:15 UTC. The remaining databases are now available