Monday 9th March 2020

Metrics / AccessLogs Metrics unavailability

Metrics cannot be queried currently, any request will return an empty result.

This is caused by multiple instances of the same component crashing at the same time.

We are working on fixing this, this may take a while for a definitive fix (30 minutes at best, 1h30 at worst).

14:41 UTC: Metrics are currently available but this will probably not last as there is only partial redundancy on the affected component and the cause of the crash is not fixed

15:23 UTC: Metrics cannot be queried again

15:33 UTC: Metrics can be queried, but issues may still arise from time to time, issue is still not fixed.

15:45 UTC: Two nodes of the storage backend crashed under the load caused by the reload of the first components, this caused a delay in the ingestion and a pause in the reload of the first components. At this time, ingestion is catching up on the delay and queries are running fine despite the issues. You will most likely encounter issues as we work our way through this.

16:48 UTC: We have complete redundancy, this issue is now fixed.