Sunday 30th August 2020

Cellar Cellar C1: Cluster unreachable

Our old Cellar cluster ( which still has some data nodes on Scaleway is currently unreachable due to networking issues on Scaleway's side:

We are monitoring the situation. Our new Cellar cluster ( is still reachable and works fine.

EDIT 12:02 UTC: A reverse proxy node is somehow still able to communicate with the nodes on Scaleway. All cellar-c1 traffic has been routed through that reverse proxy and requests should be served as expected.

EDIT 12:34 UTC: The network issue seems to not be on Scaleway's side per say but more on Level3/CenturyLink side which is a more global networking provider.

EDIT 15:17 UTC: The incident on Level3/CenturyLink seems to be resolved. The cluster is now fully reachable.