Thursday 8th October 2020

Metrics / AccessLogs Metrics / Access logs: requests error

Metrics and access logs requests might experience issues following the maintenance of a core component of those features. Requests can either take a very long time to complete or simply answer an error. We are working toward a fix.

Data won't be lost, the ingestion is simply delayed.

Impacted products:

  • Metrics (in console or using the API)
  • Access logs (charts in the console's overview or using the CLI / API)

EDIT 14:03 UTC: Ingestion is now catching up on the delay, everything looks good. Looks like it may take 30 to 40 minutes to go completely back to normal.

EDIT 14:25 UTC: Ingestion has now caught up, everything should be back to normal.

EDIT 21:26 UTC: New issues are ongoing, we are investigating.

EDIT 22:16 UTC: Ingestion is running. We are consuming queues.

EDIT 23:30 UTC: Ingestion is back to normal. Fixed.