Thursday 20th July 2017

[Europe] One hypervisor is unreachable

One hypervisor is unreachable. Affected applications are being redeployed automatically. Affected addons are unreachable.

EDIT 12:05 UTC: All affected applications have finished redeploying ; we are awaiting an answer from our provider

EDIT 12:47 UTC: Our provider is "running tests" on the affected server and has not given any ETA as of now.

EDIT 13:00 UTC: The server is reporting an hardware error, not disk-related. Our provider is working on fixing the issue.

EDIT 13:31 UTC: The server fails to start. Our provider is giving us another server and will put the disks of the old server into the new one.

EDIT 14:30 UTC: The server is ready, the disks are up and running. We are now rebooting the server in operational mode and will make sure everything starts up fine and will then update the network configuration.

EDIT 15:11 UTC: All databases are available again.