Monday 24th July 2017

[Cellar] Maintenance - 2nd step, scheduled 4 years ago

We will be doing a maintenance on the Cellar cluster starting on 2017-07-26 at 08:00 UTC.

This is the 2nd step of the maintenance started on the 20th (

This should not have an impact on availability but may have a slightly bigger impact on performance than the first step (which did not have any noticeable impact).

It should take around 10 hours. This is a very rough estimate though, we will be posting updates along the way.

EDIT 08:01 UTC: Maintenance is starting now.

EDIT 11:55 UTC: Everything is going smoothly. Performance impact is very low.

EDIT 19:35 UTC: Maintenance is still in progress. No significant impact; so as for the 1st step, consider this event over.