Monday 1st March 2021

PAR: FS Bucket Migration, scheduled 1 year ago

Some FS-Bucket add-ons will need to be migrated to a different server for security reasons. During this migration, the Buckets will be in Read-Only mode. Any attempt to create or update a file on the add-on will fail, including for FTP operations. Errors related to Read-only file system are expected during this migration.

The migration is expected to last at most 1 hour. All impacted applications will be redeployed during the migration. After the deployment, application will be able to write to the bucket. Read operations will not be impacted.

EDIT: This maintenance has been postponed to 15:00 UTC+1

EDIT 15:00 UTC+1: The maintenance is starting

EDIT 15:02 UTC+1: The buckets are now read-only

EDIT 15:14 UTC+1: Starting now, you can redeploy your applications if you want to regain write access early. Otherwise, affected applications will be redeployed automatically in the upcoming hour, starting with applications of Clever Cloud Premium customers

EDIT 17:14 UTC+1: The deployment queue finished one hour ago, everything has been working fine so far. This maintenance is over