Monday 28th June 2021

Infrastructure PAR: An hypervisor is currently unavailable

An hypervisor is currently unavailable. Applications are currently restarting. Add-ons hosted on that hypervisor are currently unavailable. We are looking into the root cause.

EDIT 14:45 UTC: The server won't reboot as of now, we are not yet sure of the reason. We continue to look into it. In the meantime, you can create a new add-on and import last night's backup. Please contact our support team for any further assistance

EDIT 14:58 UTC: The server still won't reboot, we continue to investigate the reason.

EDIT 15:08 UTC: A ticket has been opened to the manufacturer. The server is still unreachable as of now.

EDIT 15:12 UTC: A server replacement is currently being discussed. In the meantime, we advise you to import last night's backup into a new add-on. If the hypervisor ever comes back, you will be able to access your old add-on and possibly access the data between last night's backup and now, allowing you to merge them if possible. Current ETA is 24 hours.

EDIT 16:38 UTC: No server replacement will happen, we'll have more information to share tomorrow once the manufacturer gets back to us.

EDIT 16:54 UTC: Clarification: No server replacement will happen tonight. There are no sign of disk / data corruption, it seems to only be an hardware problem, which we can't fix right now.

EDIT 29/06/21 09:30 UTC: A maintenance on the server should happen in the next few minutes. The goal is to replace the problematic hardware piece. More information to come.

EDIT 13:17 UTC: The maintenance has been performed and a hardware piece has been changed but it didn't fix the issue. We continue investigating.

EDIT 13:26 UTC: The initial hardware replacement was the network card. Another replacement, this time the motherboard, has been planned for tomorrow. We do not yet have the exact time.

EDIT 30/06/21 11:09 UTC: The motherboard has been changed, additional checks are being performed.

EDIT 13:03 UTC: The motherboard replacement did not improve the situation. The server reboots fine without the network card, which has already been changed. A full server replacement is being considered by the manufacturer.

EDIT 18:23 UTC: Our infrastructure provider has been able to provide us with a temporary replacement server which is now up and running. Add-ons and custom services are all up and running. Do note that this is a temporary replacement, once the manufacturer gives us back the fixed server or a fully working permanent replacement, we will have to switch to it (meaning a shutdown of a few minutes). Affected customers will be e-mailed about this.