Tuesday 10th August 2021

Planned downtime of an hypervisor, scheduled 1 month ago

This maintenance operation is a follow-up to this incident : https://www.clevercloudstatus.com/incident/378.

We will be switching back to the original server (which has been fixed by the manufacturer). The server should be down for 10 minutes if our provider does not encounter any issues (may last up to an hour otherwise).

Affected customers have been e-mailed about this and can migrate their add-ons automatically beforehand.

2021-08-25 19:02 UTC: Server is going down.

19:17 UTC: This is taking longer than expected. Server management software decided to reapply firmware settings; this takes a few minutes.

19:24 UTC: Server is up. Add-ons are starting up.

19:26 UTC: Everything is up. Incident is over.