Friday 13th August 2021

Elasticsearch 7.10 and above will be upgraded due to security issues, scheduled 1 month ago

Elasticsearch add-ons on versions 7.10 and above are subject to security vulnerabilities. Those add-ons will be updated to Elasticsearch 7.14.0 on August 16, 2021 starting at 21:00 UTC+2. Add-ons that need to be upgraded will be unavailable for about 10 minutes.

Affected customers have been e-mailed about this and can contact our support team for any additional question.

EDIT 21:05 UTC+2: Update is beginning.

EDIT 22:00 UTC+2: Updates are over and were successful for most of the add-ons. Owners of add-ons that couldn't be updated will be contacted. If you encounter any issue following this update, please reach to our support team.