Monday 11th September 2017

Infrastructure A physical server went down

One of our physical server has gone down. Impacted applications are being redeployed and we are investigating the incident

EDIT 14:24 UTC: The server is still down, we are waiting for more informations from our prodiver

EDIT 14:37 UTC: One of the server's fan has died and the server won't start.

EDIT 14:43 UTC: Impacted databases will be migrated on another server on request to the support. We will also contact impacted users. Let us know if you want to start a new database using tonight's backup

EDIT 15:23 UTC: Our provider is replacing the fans, no ETA for now

EDIT 16:55 UTC: Our provider replaced the fans and the server is now back up. Non migrated databases have been started again and linked applications are being redeployed. We will continue to monitor the situation