Thursday 25th November 2021

Infrastructure Erratic network behaviour to some hosts from some PAR hosts

We are investigating a network issue. We are seeing random TCP timeouts and ICMP packets dropped for a few remote hosts from some PAR hosts (very few hosts are affected by this). This started occurring on 2021-11-25 at around 22:15 UTC.

10:53 UTC: We are still investigating this issue. The culprit seems to be a peering node.

11:18 UTC: It seems to only affect a few routing paths between our infrastructure and some hosts of Scaleway and Azure. We are trying to narrow down the issue with their network teams.

13:05 UTC: We see improvements between Scaleway and our Infrastructure since 11:26 UTC. We do not yet know if it's a temporary resolution and are awaiting for more information on Scaleway side.

13:36 UTC: Confirming that the issue between Scaleway and our infrastructure has been fixed. We are still awaiting some details from Scaleway to know if they are indeed the ones who changed their routing configuration to avoid the faulty peer.

15:10 UTC: Scaleway tells us they did not change anything on their end. Still, no issue to report on this side since 11:26 UTC. On the Azure side of things, it seems to be better, the issues we could reproduce earlier cannot be reproduced anymore but some hosts may still be affected. We are marking this as resolved but if you have any specific problems, please contact us so we can troubleshoot the issue more efficiently.