Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Infrastructure An hypervisor is unreachable in RBX zone

An hypervisor is unreachable in the RBX zone. Affected applications are being redeployed automatically. Affected add-ons are unreachable.

13:40 UTC: Multiple servers in the same rack have gone down at the same time. It's most likely a network issue.

13:45 UTC: Our provider (OVHcloud) is aware of the issue. They will come back to us with more details later.

13:53 UTC: The hypervisor is back online. We are making sure everything is fine.

14:11 UTC: Everything is fine now, there was an issue with outgoing traffic from 13:53 until 14:08 UTC. This is now fixed.

Our provider tells us it was an issue with the cooling system. More info may be posted here: