Friday 25th February 2022

Cellar [PAR] Cellar C1: nodes are currently unreachable

Our Cellar C1 cluster service is currently unreachable by our Paris infrastructure, leading to failed requests. This cluster is the old cluster, with either domains or We are investigating the issue.

EDIT 22:42 UTC: After a quick investigation, only one of the 3 IP that is serving those domains is having troubles reaching other nodes of the cluster. The IP has been dropped from the DNS. Meanwhile, we are investigating the issue with our network provider.

EDIT 22:39 UTC: Lowering the severity to Performance Issues. Ticket has been open with our network provider.

EDIT 23:15 UTC: The connectivity is now back since 23:07 UTC with our network provider saying that the issue has been resolved. We will wait a bit before adding back the IP of the faulty node in the DNS just to be sure but this incident is now closed on our end. Sorry for the inconvenience.