Monday 7th March 2022

[PAR] Cellar-c1 network brownouts #2, scheduled 3 months ago

This maintenance concerns the migration of our cellar-c1 Cellar cluster. Affected customers have been emailed multiple times since the January regarding this service end of life.

As a reminder, the service will be shut down on 21/03/22. A few network brownouts will be applied to remind customers that they need to migrate their data.

A total of 5 brownouts will be applied. During these planned downtime, the service will refuse any connections, be it HTTP or HTTPS.

This brownout will happen on 11/03/22 14:00 UTC for a 10 minutes window.

Our support team stays at your disposal for any questions.

EDIT 14:00 UTC: The brownout is starting and will last for 10 minutes.

EDIT 14:10 UTC: The brownout has ended. Next one will happen on 14/03/22 09:30 UTC for a 30 minutes window.