Tuesday 8th March 2022

Infrastructure [PAR] Networking issues

We are currently having various networking issues (packet loss or slow response times) on our Paris infrastructure. We are investigating.

Some services are also impacted:

  • Pulsar
  • Metrics
  • Access logs

EDIT 18:20 UTC: Our network provider is investigating the issue.

EDIT 18:28 UTC: The issue has been identified and has been escalated. Logs may also be impacted.

EDIT 18:44 UTC: The issue is still being worked out but Pulsar and Logs are now working fine again.

EDIT 19:26 UTC: The issue has been fixed by the network provider at 18:54 UTC. All components are now working fine again. Access logs are being ingested and may have some lag for a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.