Thursday 5th May 2022

Deployments Deployments are experiencing issues

Deployment components are experiencing issues to due deployment lag triggered by the Core API issues.

EDIT 08:00 UTC - We have identified ongoing issues.

EDIT 08:02 UTC - New deployments are currently disabled to reduce the impact on our infrastructures. We will reactivate them when the queued ones will be deployed.

EDIT 08:45 UTC - Deployments are still flaky, we are working to resolve the issues.

EDIT 09:08 UTC - Deployments queue is catching up. When it ends, we will redeploy a part of the PAR zone to ensure deployments are monitoring are consistent.

EDIT 09:25 UTC - The mentioned deployments are running.

EDIT 11:16 UTC - We are about at 75% of the deployments completed.

EDIT 12:06 UTC - Finished and fixed.