Wednesday 8th June 2022

Infrastructure A hypervisor is down

16:13:00 UTC: A hypervisor has stopped responding. We are investigating why. The system is redeploying the applications that were on it. Some reverse proxies are not responding.

16:24:00 UTC: At first look, it seems that a network error is making us see that hypervisor as down. No information yet on if it's a hardware or software network issue.

16:28:00 UTC: The hypervisor seems to be back up again. We are making sure everything on it is responding well.

16:40:00 UTC: Everything has been check and is responding correctly.


  • Some add-ons became unresponsive.
  • Logs were not served.
  • One public reverse proxy was unresponsive. Traffic should have been diverted to others. Applications may have been a bit slow.
  • Some custom services for customers were unresponsive.