Friday 10th June 2022

Infrastructure [PAR] An hypervisor has been lost

An hypervisor has been lost on the Paris zone. We are investigating.

EDIT 06:04 UTC: The server experienced a hardware failure. It may not be able to come back. Applications on it were redeployed elsewhere. Custom services and add-ons are currently impacted.

EDIT 06:23 UTC: A public reverse proxy serving requests for ( was on this hypervisor. This IP was moved to another server. Between 05:23 and 05:35, it was unreachable.

EDIT 06:52 UTC: ETA for server to come back is 08:00

EDIT 07:46 UTC: Hardware has been changed, server will be rebooted.

EDIT 07:57 UTC: Server is back online, we are making sure all services are up.

EDIT 09:10 UTC: Everything is now back to normal, the incident is over. We will investigate further on the reason of the hardware failure.