Wednesday 25th January 2023

Infrastructure [PAR] Two hypervisors have rebooted

Two hypervisors have rebooted in the Paris zone. Deployments have been impacted and some applications and databases may be unreachable. We are investigating the issues.

** EDIT 13:59 UTC ** One hypervisor is up and running

** EDIT 14:52 UTC ** The second hypervisor is down due to hardware issues

** EDIT 15:22 UTC ** Applications and databases may be difficult to reach as a load balancer node is hosted on the down hypervisor

** EDIT 17:00 UTC ** Deployments may have been impacted, we are redeploying the system

** EDIT 17:30 UTC ** Hypervisor is up and running. We are cleaning up the last thing

** EDIT 18:17 UTC ** Hypervisors are up and running. All systems seems working normaly