Monday 14th May 2018

Deployments Deployment issues

Deployments are having trouble to start or complete. We are working on it

EDIT 08:05 UTC: Deployments should be back to normal, we are keeping an eye on the situation.

EDIT 08:33 UTC: Some deployments still won't start

EDIT 09:00 UTC: Deployments should be back to normal again. We are still keeping an eye on the situation and cleaning up the remaining issues

EDIT 12:28 UTC: Again, some deployments are failing to finish even though they appear as successfully done in the logs. We are looking at it

EDIT 13:27 UTC: Deployments are going to be stopped to fully clean the system. It should not last more than 15 minutes. The maintenance is starting now.

EDIT 14:08 UTC: Deployments are available since 13:45 UTC. The maintenance period is over. We keep looking for everything to go back to normal

EDIT 16:30 UTC: Everything seems to be back to normal