Thursday 28th June 2018

Infrastructure Hard drive failure on one hypervisor

One of our hypervisor has hard drive I/O failures. We are looking into it

EDIT 11:08 UTC: The server was shutdown a few minutes ago. Applications on it are being redeployed. Add-ons are currently unavailable

EDIT 11:52 UTC: We are still waiting for news from our provider regarding the hard drives issue

EDIT 21:20 UTC: Our provider is still working at finding the root cause of the issue

EDIT 2018-06-29 07:05 UTC: We received an answer from our provider and the server can't be brought back online. Databases will need migration. We are waiting an answer to know if we can access the disk in a read only mode to transfer the databases. If not, backups from the the 28th June will be used.

EDIT 2018-06-29 07:18 UTC: The disks can't be read. Backups will need to be used