All systems are operational

Past Incidents

Tuesday 31st January 2023

MySQL shared cluster [MTL] Performance issues on MySQL shared cluster

A few customer complains about performance issues on MySQL shared cluster. We are investigating.

EDIT 10:00 UTC We have made a hardware upgrade to the MySQL shared cluster

Monday 30th January 2023

Infrastructure Monitoring detect an increasing number of unreachable virtual machines

Monitoring detect an increasing number of unreachable virtual machines. It seems related to an update deployment.

EDIT 01:00 UTC the update deployment has been rollback

API Clever Cloud API is slow

Monitoring report that the number of timeout increase on the Clever Cloud API. We are investigating why.

EDIT 9:08 UTC : Backends behind Clever Cloud API are up and running. Numbers of timeouts have decreased. Everything is operating normally.

Sunday 29th January 2023

No incidents reported

Saturday 28th January 2023

No incidents reported

Friday 27th January 2023

No incidents reported

Thursday 26th January 2023

FS Buckets [MTL] Increase size of FSBucket storage backend

One server that host FSBucket need additionnal disk space.

EDIT 10:10 UTC Operation to increase the disk space is done. We are redeploying the associated applications

Wednesday 25th January 2023

Logs System Live logs storage backend issue

Live logs system has an issue with the storage backend that put it to read only mode

EDIT 22:56 UTC : The storage backend has left the read-only mode

Infrastructure [PAR] Two hypervisors have rebooted

Two hypervisors have rebooted in the Paris zone. Deployments have been impacted and some applications and databases may be unreachable. We are investigating the issues.

** EDIT 13:59 UTC ** One hypervisor is up and running

** EDIT 14:52 UTC ** The second hypervisor is down due to hardware issues

** EDIT 15:22 UTC ** Applications and databases may be difficult to reach as a load balancer node is hosted on the down hypervisor

** EDIT 17:00 UTC ** Deployments may have been impacted, we are redeploying the system

** EDIT 17:30 UTC ** Hypervisor is up and running. We are cleaning up the last thing

** EDIT 18:17 UTC ** Hypervisors are up and running. All systems seems working normaly