Tuesday 24th December 2019

Metrics / Access-logs: Upgrade of the backend storage, scheduled 2 years ago

This upgrade is a follow up of https://status.clever-cloud.com/incident/238 (which is also a follow up of https://status.clever-cloud.com/incident/237).

During approximately 1 hour, Metrics and access logs (dot maps / requests count in the console) will be unavailable both in reading and writing starting December 26th at 14:00 UTC+1.

All data will be kept and ingested at the end of the maintenance.

EDIT 13:00 UTC: Maintenance is starting

EDIT 13:23 UTC: Initial steps are done, WRITE have been delayed up to 8 minutes and some READ may have failed. The second phase of the maintenance will begin shortly.

EDIT 14:32 UTC: Second phase is over. There were two ingestion delays, peaking at 4 minutes each. The maintenance is not over yet but it should not impact the ingestion nor the read.

EDIT 14:58 UTC: It should not have had any impact but it still did. Ingestion is delayed, reads are impossible; we are investigating.

EDIT 15:21 UTC: The issue is solved; reads are back, ingestion is working

EDIT 15:31 UTC: Ingestion delay is back to normal

EDIT 16:00 UTC: Maintenance is over.