Friday 16th July 2021

Infrastructure Short network unavailability between our two Paris datacenters

For less than a minute, communication between our two Paris datacenters has been unavailable between 19:03 UTC and 19:04 UTC.

We do not have any more information at the moment (though it is most likely a routing issue). Everything is working fine now except for Metrics (and accesslogs) which will come back in a few minutes.

EDIT 19:33 UTC: It happened again at 19:29 UTC. We are awaiting more information from our network provider.

EDIT 19:42 UTC: It happened again at 19:41 UTC.


This was due to a maintenance on one of the fiber optic channels between our two Paris datacenters. Our network provider was not made aware of this maintenance which caused the connection to switch back and forth between links when a link went on and off again.