Tuesday 20th September 2022

Infrastructure Network issues on OVH zones

We are currently seeing network loss between our Paris infrastructure and our zones on OVH (Roubaix, Montreal, ...). We are currently investigating the issue.

EDIT 11:50 UTC: First investigations are showing that it is not only a network issue between our Paris infrastructure and the OVH network. It seems to impact other network links as well. We will reach to OVH and try to know more about it.

EDIT 11:51 UTC: The incident has been renamed from "Network issues between Paris and OVH zones" to "Network issues on OVH zones"

EDIT 11:58 UTC. We are seeing improvements since a few minutes now. Connectivity has been restored from our point of view. We keep waiting for more information.

EDIT 12:09 UTC: We have not seen any new disruption so far. We consider this incident closed while we wait for a more detailed incident report from OVH.

EDIT 12:59 UTC: OVH status: https://network.status-ovhcloud.com/incidents/5mldyhd6v99c