Monday 31st October 2022

Infrastructure SYD/SGP network issues

Our monitoring has raised network issues, we are investigating.


  • Ping does not go through between PAR (on BSO Network) and SGP/SYD (OVH Network)
  • Ping does go through between PAR and other OVH zones (RBX, MTL, WSW…)
  • Ping does go through between RBX and SGP/SYD (OVH to OVH)
  • Applications on both SGP and SYD are still UP and reachable from other networks. Deployments on these zones are still unavailable.

UPDATE 20:13 UTC: Network is kind of coming back up, but we see 80% to 90% packet loss. 21:50 UTC: still a lot (90%) of loss on the PAR -> SGP/SYD route, way less (30%) in the SGP/SYD -> PAR route. 2022-11-01 0812 UTC: >90% of loss on the PAR -> SGP/SYD route. 2022-11-01 1812 UTC: network seems fine.