Tuesday 5th September 2023

Infrastructure [PAR] Network instabilities

We've seen network instabilities on the PAR region. It is currently resolved but we are still investigating the root cause.

EDIT 06:34 UTC: The problem is back with elevated packet loss. Our network provider is currently having an incident and is looking into the issue.

EDIT 06:46 UTC: Some DNS domains for services hosted on other regions may also have issues to resolve because their authoritative server is currently hosted on the PAR region.

EDIT 06:55 UTC: The incident is still ongoing and our network provider is still looking into the issue.

EDIT 07:20 UTC: Our upstream network provider is currently experiencing a DDoS attack. We are currently looking to use an alternative network transit to avoid going through the upstream network provider.

EDIT 07:47 UTC: We are seeing improvements for the last 20 minutes. We still are waiting for a confirmation of the issue resolution.

EDIT 07:58 UTC: We are seeing some loss again.

EDIT 08:15 UTC: The DDoS is still happening. It's partially mitigated. We still see some loss, but there is less impact globally.

EDIT 10:54 UTC: We still see loss from time to time, but much less that before. We keep an eye on the situation.

EDIT 15:45 UTC: Most of the ddos is mitigated, we didn't have any loss those past few hours, we still monitor the situation.

EDIT 2023-09-06 15:24 UTC: No more instabilities were detected since yesterday. The incident is now over.