Monday 11th September 2023

[Maintenance] Main API planned unavailability, scheduled 8 months ago

On Monday 2023-09-11 around 20:00 UTC, our main API ( will be unavailable. The CLI and Console will be impacted and may display errors during some requests. Deployments will also be impacted and won't be available either through the Console/CLI or using git.

The maintenance is planned for one hour but is expected to last a few minutes at most.

EDIT 20:00 UTC: The maintenance is starting.

EDIT 20:02 UTC: The API is now unavailable as well as the Console.

EDIT 20:16 UTC: One of the steps took a bit more time than expected, we are back on track.

EDIT 20:44 UTC: Unexpected problems occurred and we are currently doing a rollback of the changes.

EDIT 20:54 UTC: The maintenance is over, changes were rollback and everything should now be operational again.