Tuesday 14th November 2023

API API is slow

Our main API responds slowly. We are investigating to find out why.

(times in CET)

  • EDIT 11:54 - API has been redeployed and it solved the issue. We are still investigation the root cause.
  • EDIT 12:09 - API is down, we are working on it.
  • EDIT 12:23 - The API is recovering, our load balancers on Paris and Scaleway regions are down
  • EDIT 12:30 - Load balancers on Scaleway region is now operational
  • EDIT 12:33 - Load balancers on PAR region is now operational. API is now fully operational
  • EDIT 14:17 - We found and fixed a cause of the API problems. The API seems to be running fine, we may have found the root cause of the issue. We are keeping an eye on it.